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Experience Blue Park Productions

Liverpool based theatre company founded by playwright Kenny O'Connell, est. 2015.

We believe in engaging audiences with performances that make them watch thoughtfully, laugh longer, and feel more. Blue Park Productions takes you on an artistic adventure and guarantees an emotional experience with a captivating performance. Make sure to get your tickets in advance., we can’t wait to welcome you!

Coming Soon to a Stage Near You

Want to know what's happening at Blue Park Productions? This season is sure to be packed with entertaining events and performances. We have a wide range of Theatre production styles to accommodate a variety of artistic tastes. Take a peek at our schedule to see all that we have in our upcoming repertoire.


Part Vampire

Hope Street Theatre Liverpool

October 6, October 7, 2023

Buy tickets: HERE

"It never lost sight of the fact that this was first and foremost a thoroughly entertaining evening that finished with the audience on their feet, roaring their approval." 

Ken Rogers, Former Liverpool Echo Sports Editor

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