Since 1787 the Everton Lock-up has stood at the peak of Everton Brow. There is a rich history and many untold stories attached to this small tower and Goodison Park. Tonight, they are about to unfold… 


Celebrating one hundred and twenty-five years at Goodison Park, Everton FC has organised an event outside the Lock-Up to promote the anticipated move to Bramley Moore Dock. Two Evertonians, Jamie and Robbo barge their way through the crowd and barricade themselves inside the Lock-up in protest. 


A heavy storm breaks out and the crowd along with the media people disperse. Inside the Lock-Up, Jamie informs Robbo his goal is to search for Prince Rupert’s gold that he believes is buried underground. He intends to use the gold to renovate his beloved Goodison Park. Robbo reluctantly agrees to join him on this crusade. They stumble upon the secret tunnel and unwittingly release the ghosts of Everton’s past… Dixie Dean… Molly Bushell… Prince Rupert… Bessie Braddock… 

Jamie and Robbo listen in awe as each ghost reveals remarkable stories of love, triumph and magical nights at Goodison Park. 


Through each ghost, they are taken on a historical journey, discovering what really lies under their feet and the true meaning of being inside the heart of Everton’s badge. 

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Ken Rodgers, Former Liverpool Echo Sports Editor

"It never lost sight of the fact that this was first and foremost a thoroughly entertaining evening that finished with the audience on their feet, roaring their approval." 

David Prentice.jpg

David Prentice, Liverpool Echo's Head of Sport

“The two-hour plus performance combined humour, pathos, poignancy, more humour, rousing songs, reflective drama - and entertainment. Lots and lots of entertainment. 

Everton officials were nervously monitoring the production from the rear of the Epstein Theatre but they needn’t have worried. This a production by Evertonians for Evertonians and any gags are affectionate, not cruel. 

Kenny O’Connell’s writing is tight and the dialogue fast-paced and snappy. Royal Court and Everyman stalwarts Paul Duckworth (Jim), John Burns (Robbo) and Keddy Sutton (Bessie Braddock) bring their own unique stamp to the production.” 


“Funny, poignant, moving.” 

bill kenwright.jpg

Bill Kenwright, Everton F.C. Chairman and Theatre Producer

“It’s a great title for a play: The Heart of Everton’s Badge.” 


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